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Illusions in Poly-fil and Flesh

They are jointed fantasies,
felt over flesh-colored cotton,
glued and seared to perfection,
their eyes locked in place,
rouged cheeks and
embroidered pink lips.
I rule them, deciding their gender,
their clothing, their beauty
and fate.
Some have wings and halos,
some have paint-dirt cheeks
and raggedy dresses that mirror
the hand-me-downs
I wore as a child.
Even my crocheted mermaids don't cry
when I impale them with needles
four inches long, sewing gems
to hide scars on their throats
where body meets head.
I am the doll maker,
deep in thoughts of my next
victim and praying to the God
of my own life to keep me
from coming apart
at my seems.

25 Apr 13

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this is LOVELY!!  i will go ahead an wager a guess on Isabelle, she's the only sewer/knitter/crochet lady here!

it's really beautiful.  what i liked best was not knowing what you're talking about for the first several lines, and i had to keep reading to get more hints, and each hint was so stunning that i just kept reading, effortlessly.

15-19 is the voice that alerted me, made me pay attention.  loved that.

doll goddess, for me, sounds cheesy and tell-tale, whereas i don't think you need to give it away, or give an ego.

line 25 does read better 'at the seams' (is that a typo anyway, seems?).  and a good ending there too.
i read it without lines 26/27, and it's much better that way, in my opinion.

nice poem, what a nice way to start my day. :)
 — jenakajoffer

Thanks, Jen, glad you got it!  I did make a few changes but I'm leaving seems, I like the word play.  I've begun making art dolls, something new for me.  I have made many cloth dolls and crocheted dolls but this will be a challenge to paint the faces.
 — Isabelle5

seems seams is the word
 — unknown

Seams is a word but not the one I want here.  Illusions, seems, get it?  Maybe I should put in paren?
 — Isabelle5

love line 15. actually i love all of this. keep 'seems' as opposed to 'seams'.
 — raskolniikov

love the edits Isabelle, and so you should keep line 25 the way you like it. :)

nice work!
 — jenakajoffer

lovely poem --

it sort of reminded me of this knitted bear charity we have in australia, for children that spend a lot of time in hospital (everyone gets a free bear) - my son David has tons -- but the ladies, even tho they follow a standard pattern, try to add their own spin of personality to the bear.

I liked the read -- I enjoyed it.

 — fortuitous