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days of shadow and sea

it's easy to remember
you in these pictures;
light's language of shadow
sculpting time
you are there
like a shell pounding out the sea,
laying back on the beach,
head sideways, eyes closed,
knees buckled in the air
open to the Sun's
fingers of light reaching,
glistening there
I've not been the Sun
in your darkened places
the day you offered yourself
to the sky,
the day
I succumbed to the seas
endless waves

13 May 13

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this is wonderful alch!
 — mandolyn

Debussy- Claude: Suite Bergamasque/Menuet
Amsterdam Guitar Trio
 — AlchemiA

the first stanza is so beautifully rendered. the lines are elegant and the subject perfectly simple it is complete.

the second stanza is a star exploding and every moment of that event is also extremely beautiful.

the clarity of each word to image to word is perfect.
 — jenn

Simply lovely, Alch.  :)
 — sybarite

overall, I'm diggin'.   tho' maybe omit "these" from 2?   tops otherwise and the title is prime.
 — JKWeb

troll'in one
 — AlchemiA

they've been leaving their muddy footprints over mine too, alch ..
 — jenn