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If you see Buddha on the road, kill him.

Symbols serve the purpose of meaning
Tools serve the purpose of doing
When you wake up
put on
and show yourself to the world
are you a symbol
or a tool?
What was he?
The only real guru I've known
said to me
there are no gurus nor shamen
except for those within you
So now I understand
when a militant said
If you see Buddha on the road, kill him.
that militant was only building
a truth in us

For Kumare

6 Jun 13

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as Buddha said .. " question everything .. including me" .. this, i think, is what is meant in the phrase of the title. once we slavishly believe something without question is the moment we spiritually die ..

.. this is a direct question / statement of a poem, and it arrives at its own truth - once again concluded in the title - but it arrives there without poetry.

what you are saying is truthful and is in part educational, enlightening even, to those who have never dealt with this perfectly balanced dilemma against all conventional and received "wisdom" fed to us from birth.

but ..i can't see how you are moving in this, how the notion of killing Buddha - metaphorically or literally - affected / affects you... how it changed your motion through space and time ..

the moment i first faced this exact same challenge to all imposed static ideas of hierarchy in belief .. i felt a supernova of freedom from design and control explode in my mind ..

question everything! including me!

love the first two lines, especially.
the truth about the question you ask about a tool or a symbol is .. both are true and neither are true. it all depends on you and how you perceive the nature of things at this moment in time.
(that's the generalised "you" meaning all of us) :)
 — jenn

however, it's a bloody hot mess every time I kill him. Even the wound is he, the knife that cuts deep into him, is one of his appearances in the manifold matters of duality existence.

In mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of the birds is postulated as a mystical, perfect divine language, a green language, adamic language, enochian language, angelic language or a mythical or magical language used by birds to communicate with the initiated in forms and symbols of enlightenment. However the Symbol is a tool that ought be sharpened and wielded in many metaphorical incidents which we all eventually find out, while navigating karmic state of affairs.

Nevertheless, I see Spirituality has become religion, with their iconographies imbued with the accepted forms and rituals of their day. What they fail to do is account for their Shadow, their dark secret.

I say, make love to your shadow, inhabit the habit to avoid your greatness, where your brilliance shines is in the ways you've denied yourself entry into heaven, the way you're bent by your flaws, the way your self-deprecating prevaricator is so beautiful in her circumambulations towards the goal.

what is the goal?

The goal is Love! The goal has always been Love, however derived, denatured or deconstructed we make it; and Sin, that contrivance made out of our fear, the fear we 'missed the mark' of Love so dear ...
 — AlchemiA

"Everything has been said before
There's nothing left to say anymore
When it's all the same
You can ask for it by name

Are you motherfuckers ready
For the new shit?" - MM

Thank you for your both in depth thinking.  I am riding your tide and will think more because of it.
 — Haxxen

no thankyou for your fine study of this brilliant revelation, Haxxen
 — AlchemiA

Its all within...without kills us slowly,little by little every day

Larry ying yang thank you mam Lark
 — larrylark

Buddha likes housing stock. We can all claim  a spiritually rich neighbour.
 — Rossant

I like the way you handle the subject so clearly and with ease of confidence.
 — cassell

Thanks Cassel.  Rossant, your input sounds like a veiled crit.  no need to veil it.  I aim to learn.  Your opinion in plain language would be welcomed.
 — Haxxen

and thanks for stopping by again Lar.  Regal Beagle?
 — Haxxen