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addled shift key

i started using
less than you

with glen in mind...but for all the poets who've ceased to use capital letters in their writing.

8 Jul 13

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I like how "you" is also the first letter of the last word of L1 :)

Short, sweet and succinct - nice write.
 — wendz

this would be what today's youth call

poetry for those who have no patience for writing

how profound
 — kong

your cliche ridden writing is no example to anyone about what is poetry, kong.
 — unknown

'what poetry is'
 — hank

and where is the cliche?
 — hank

if today's youth would call this
'poetry for those who have no patience for writing'
and it was profound
that'd be cool
 — hank

you dolt.
 — hank

 — jenakajoffer

ooohh, this is by hank

so it must be a masterpiece *rolleyes*

i've read everything you've posted since you showed up here, and you have a good many excellent poems in your list, but i think you dried up a long time ago
 — kong

 — hank

This is more like it. Still too simpleton though
 — Known