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The Pains of Being Pure in Heart

I leave the Mission around midnight,
high on Lithium, Lambrusco and loneliness.
I walk the ten blocks past Tillie's Tavern,
past the 24 hour copy center,
down to the edge of the water.
I stare at shapes suspended in the darkness.
Ships beneath black clouds
hover over the black sea.
Spring-breakers living at full volume
fill me envy and the urge to vomit.
I enter a beach house pulsating with IDM and Vitamin X,
weave through hungry youth, twisted together
and writhing to the music like larva.
I don't know anyone here -
I'm just looking for somewhere to piss.
The kids are laughing and talking and laughing.
At nothing. About nothing.
Behind masks of ecstasy,
I watch them burn through the best time in their lives,
and I can see all the way to the edge of
And I wish I were a blind and writhing maggot -
oblivious and pure.
And on fire again.

3 Aug 13

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lithium? are you being treated for bipolar?
 — raskolniikov

yes :(
 — 9

Nice life-byte.  Love L2 and the youth-larva analogy.
 — sybarite

i like this a lot. but it's also very sad.
L14 reminds me of the kids who like to sit out on the corner of our street at night- mostly teenage boys who say "bullshit" every 5 seconds to each other
once, i walked our dog past them and almost yelled "bullshit" before they had the chance. but of course i just smiled and let the dog sniff 'em.

how is life, 9?
been to any caves?
 — mandolyn

this is a mean poem, if it was a glasshouse there would be graffiti on the broken remnants of where the air use to be, because the plants have stolen it, and the glass is cutting your face into a grimace like gargoyles on the church edge.

it captures that.
 — DeformedLion

Yes, I suppose there is quite a lot of meanness and contempt,
but a little love and tenderness too.
 — 9

 — unknown

 — unknown

but you are not
pure of heart
 — unknown

maybe the kiddies are
 — unknown

Another amazing piece!
 — dannyprice

 — 9

reminds me when the site was active and comments were placed to help rather than hinder
 — unknown