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plenty in our clear bucket
from bottom up sand, fleas
eels, hermit and peeler crabs
glass shrimps of many sizes
and the tiny fish they fed upon
into this we tossed the cuttlefish
which became obviously unhappy
so we all agreed 'release the special one'
and gently placed it at our feet
into clear calm seawater ankle deep
swim off no! immediate to bury!
topmost arms sweep granules around eyes
you both exclaim 'it's waving goodbye!'
nudged out of sand its second defense
wrinkled rippled tentacles and colors flash
then darted off, for we steadfast
huddled abut, all equal three; 8, 10 and 45
mesmerized, transfixed, astounded, amazed
by a thumb sized bolt of lightning

a story for roc and arlet on their visit rather than a photograph.

6 Aug 13

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