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Journey of the Magi

I enter a mini-mart at dusk
blissed out on Quaaludes and White Widow,
grab a can of Ragin' Cajun Pringles
and fill a 64 oz. cup with ice - when I lose the thread.
Through the window a singular star appears
above the tips of pines in the eastern sky,
like a prophecy signifying the coming Messiah.
Far beyond it an elliptical nebula
smolders pink and purple
on a backdrop of pin-pricked ebony
two hundred and twenty thousand light years across.
"Excuse me. Excuse me sir!"
A woman with three kids
and a mouthful of meth teeth is screeching at me.
I wonder how long she's been trying to get my attention.
"You gonna fill your cup or watch the sun go down?"
I apologize and select Mountain Dew.
"You hittin' on my wife dude?" A gentleman
with a pornstache and a pierced septum
asks as he shoves my head into a hot dog carousel.
"You better not be eyeballin' my woman bro."
"Relax honey," his woman says.
"Leave him be, can'tcha see he's a mental retard?"
I follow the star downtown and catch the last showing of Troll 2.
And somewhere a child is being born
under a trillion dying suns.

13 Sep 13

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Absolutely brilliant ...loved it..these are my favourite pieces which find the deeply profound and stunning among the dross we have to face every waking hour

Larry mouse among morons lark
 — larrylark

^ <3
 — 9

Out freakin' standing!
 — clupeidae

nice, 9. wonderful imagery in 5-11. is this based on a book?
 — mandolyn

http://www.yo utube.com/watch?v=egwD4jTo3GE
 — unknown

Thanks. An edit and no, based on the worst film of all time.
 — 9

^ lol, Troll 2 is awesome. ;)
 — mandolyn

ooh la la! This certainly can apply to all the dirty bathtub meth addicts take terrible shit and wind up the clocks in their head.

Right on, ya secret dry/fruity pale ale distiller.
 — Cerulise

Troll 2!
 — unknown

I liked the poem, I really liked it. But you should think of another title. T.S. Eliot wrote a famous one with the same name. Just a head's up.
 — fixelvis1324

^Bummer to hear. O. Henry wrote a short story called 'Gift of the Magi',
so I changed it to Journey.
Oh well. Thank you very much for reading and for the head's up.
Cerulise - thanks for the visit.
 — 9

This is great. If you ever put together a collection of your writings, I'd buy the book.
 — wendz

Hi 9. I now this is yours, the style, the dialogue, the pace and observations, all very good stuff.

Got to say, the last three lines are exquisite and groovy :)
 — jenn

I know #
 — jenn

wendz - that's a good idea and a great compliment. If I do I'll send you one.
ty jenn :)
 — 9

"If you ever put together a collection of your writings, I'd buy the book."

Damn right! Put me down to purchase a copy of your collection as well.
See how easy it is? You just sold 2 books, and you haven't even gone to print!
 — clupeidae

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 — kalii

 — unknown

 — unknown

You had me at hot dog carousel. =) What's White Widow? like white lady?
 — sixtywatt

White Widow is a staple sativa-dominant hybrid.
 — 9

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