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i almost bought doritos but triscuits were on sale

rivers don't know me (i wish)
not like the kitchen sink
the birds in the roof are antsy again–
when i open the door
they frantically flap their wings
going in all directions, so i yell
"that's not south!"
and the cat next door slowly walks towards me
as if she is saying
"hey there, can you give me attention
just for the next minute or two, then i won't
feel like wrapping myself around your legs
anymore, getting hair all over your ankles
so your dog can go crazy when she smells
me on you"
i still haven't left to get a smog check;
there are always too many men,
as if they volunteer to do it
while their wives are probably making
chicken pot pie at home, singing
some upbeat song they have playing on pandora-
the station set to "taylor swift"
because they want to feel young again–
imagine the boys in those lyrics are theirs.
licking their fingers, enjoying life
the way they have it.
i still haven't washed that stain
out of that one shirt,
i'm sure it's suppose to stay there.
to remind me who i am and what i do–
to remind me that
i still haven't made peace with your words.

4 Oct 13

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Strange and odd and good.
I'm not sure of everything your saying exactly,
but then again I'm not that bright.
 — 9

i'm not sure of what i am saying either.
i bet you a pickle sandwich you are brighter than i am.
 — unknown

I smell a Mandolin.
 — unknown

you don't smell mandolins, you hear them. you "hear" a mandolin.
the strings aren't tuned today.
 — unknown

Birds in roof = Mandolyn.
 — unknown

 — unknown

mandolyn is comatose.
 — mandolyn

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