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Xpanding negative-space

...from the eye
of a howling-pen,
after-words language-weeps
from the wounds that reason makes;
seeps from the wound of omission,
seeps from some super-scary-SaṃsKāra,
seeps from the whirl'd of tunneling-fear,
seeps from some gimme-gimballed duality,
the wound that is an imperfect rorriM:MirrorRorrim
where they're trembling from the loss,
from their lessons upon the alter,  from getting stoned, over and over again,
in the wailing rhythm of suffering,
innocent victims, like you and me,
lost between infinite-Love and "I'm not worthy,"
there, you know, just there where the stretchered edges in longings go,
where we all strive to Love, yet stray only to affection, and falter lessor still, there where we whimper in the clinging, instead of weeping for the longing Dream,
there where were bursting at the seams of what it all means...
       where it's dark and deep.

8 Nov 13

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13.7 billion or so light-years away, is the big-bang, just in its first ripples swelling into boom, exploding into first light, on that fateful, lonely and angry night ...
 — AlchemiA