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when i lived in the barn
everything was clean
a wood ladder led up
for relief you went out
there was electric and a big tv
that shed a blue or black and white glow
my bed was all white
down atop and plugged in from below
in winter we'd snuggle
neath the wind traveling snow
had a skychair from haylift suspended
a long stretch and i'd hang, naked
good mornings reading, observing the pines
one day a lady walks out of the woods
'i'm conducting the census' says she
so me with my balls, my book and surprise
(well above head height and in thin mid air)
state simply as wood- 'there's nobody here'

19 Nov 13

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 — hank

I feel this one. Good job man.
 — unknown

Great poem!
 — jenakajoffer

 — hank