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warm head wisconsin

you know bob dylans voice
could have turned those yonder fields
but i am staring at the pacific, the indian,
the gam-ga-gootch...
it's ivan by the thresher he has a one-size fits
all mind. lives by the ivan, dies by the ivan.
thought i say to him:
  son, pickle that harmonica,
  aint herd nothin
  south of me stomach, think
  you scared the wind.
that gunner by the thresher well he stooped
full wide says nice morn, dribbles that flute
on the husk and says:
  goodday dust.
bout lake time with the old soap he comes out with the weirdest look, says:
i can play i can play!
hap hap hap!
i think he snorkeled across the mojave, rattlesnake laid in his head.
later he blew out the dust, played "A Crow Looks like a Crow" i said:
left my hat on.

25 Nov 13

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This is so evocative of a place i have never been to or seen but felt...superb
 — larrylark

intriguing poem, nice write.
 — JKWeb

This is damn Great.
 — unknown

thank you.
oh damn. i didn't write it.
 — unknown

haha, i love 'pickle that harmonica'
all of it's good.
 — mandolyn

thanks for the read, readers.

hi mando, thought you'd respond well to this.
 — DeformedLion

silly lion and his tricks. :)
 — mandolyn

this is you at your best although it doesn't ground you in any real experience as most of your poems don't it has some great wording really groovy..
 — brother_sun

i love this poem. i can feel my senses being suspended in its senseless flow. so evocative, and so at ease with itself. it doesn't force anything, it just is. perfection
 — jefnic23

Great, genuine voice.
I can hear the twang in instrument and accent .. real Ari Zona feel that is amused at itself for being itself :)

Good stuff. Just keep the shit-kicking to a minimum during daylight hours.
Love it.
 — jenn

you've a typo with w"or"rm in the title.
 — unknown

Great commanding poem. Perfect imagery throughout.
 — cassell

 — unknown

Quite superb
 — larrylark

wonderful write. just to note mr. zimmerman originates in minn-E-sot ah.
 — Seditswing

wow! fuck.
good i consider. yeah, you rocked it there.

 — hank

yeah, wonderful
 — hank

deformed lion just realized you have five more poems than me!....gonna have to get offa me ass...
looked you up cause of the beauty of this poem.
 — hank

I like it.  It's like a poem Dickens would write- very heavy with something like liturgy.  Damn good poem, leaves the American people in the dust storms.
 — percocet

i agree with you. dylan's voice was about dylan thomas -- dylan hated poser performers -- as dylan turned out to be when he started his jesus trip. his first songs were trippy and funny, but he'd never do anything to lose his columbia contract.

i knew all his songs up to 'another side...' tambourine man' i still like to hear in my head --- highway 61 has personal resonance to me. lots of those songs which were singing in the bathtub of my street life in the '60.

some nice images here, but i always have to be careful when i'm using d's persona in a poem, that i don't end up sounding like tom waits, for any of us contemporaries -- i hung out a moment or two with dylan at the palace cafe in monteray in '64 -- would see as a total and talentless exploiter of dylan and the rest of the scene.  dylan hated donovan, but it was these disco blues singers who turned out be the real cockroaches of modern times. just like that 'tard bukovski.  -- so sorry, you were there and a poet in frisco too and maybe you saw it all differn'tly from your daddy's corvair. "ooh, those nasty beatniks!"
 — cadmium

humm, i wonder if any non-american can understand american songs. just like i wouldn't have a clue about waltzing matilda -- i mean, if that's the only song anyone here could identify as 'austrialian' you'd nuke us.

by the way, bob's vocal style is after woody guthry's -- he was a folk singer, no...? but when the beetles thing got so lucrative he switched to 'folk rock'. another reason to not hang out in the UK.
 — cadmium

Very interesting and unique. Even after several reads, leaves me thinking about it.
 — Wordsalad

Here's a nice song for your poem. I hope the link works. :-) It has some nice footage as well.

https://youtu.be/u-Y3KfJs6T 0
 — PollyReg

"humm, i wonder if any non-american can understand american songs. just like i wouldn't have a clue about waltzing matilda -- i mean, if that's the only song anyone here could identify as 'austrialian' you'd nuke us."

That comment is just about as racist as you can get, old man.
 — PollyReg

I love tambourine man. I am going to have it at my Dad's funeral (god forbid..hoping that it is not any time soon)

I also love 'hard rains a gonna fall' Reminds me of my David.

I think Mikes personal Dylan song is Ballad of a thin man.

I don't understand your poem that much DL - but I rated it a 10 because I want to read it again to understand it. :-)
 — PollyReg

Ballad of a thin man is my usual favorite, lately it has been lay lady lay...or whatever it is that im spinning at the time.
 — DeformedLion

jokerman is good
 — DeformedLion

lay lady lay was the beginning of his cheap trip. glad you're writing much smarter and better stuff to replace what was lost when he started going folk-rolling-stones/jagger. you can say it's all subjective; you can say the music industry is owned and run by whores too.  
 — cadmium

I think my favourite is "It's alright, Ma, I'm only bleeding"

It gives me goose bumps every time.

LOL, your poem has become like a Bob Dylan tribute page :-)
 — PollyReg

 — aforbing

Lol I'm from Illinois and go to Wisconsin hella.

I find myself perpetually drawn to this poem, continuously returning to it since the very first time I read it in May of this year.

read it several times a month.

Like one of those songs you really like and  listen to when you can't think of what to put on, or when you're just in the mood for the pleasure of a good song. Thanks for that my dude. For givin' me that somethin' to enjoy.
 — penandpaper

Bloody good write. Only knew it was you cuz we been foolin'. Lay lady yo was my best fave but I'm an industrial metal ho and when ministry did a cover I almost died. It was so awesome but it would make you kry for shore.

This is really great poetry, Linus, so proud so fond, dirty blanket has some good tricks.
 — jenakajoffer

The title is incredibly alluring. I want to take it to bed.
 — jenakajoffer

You and I differ, Jen. Lay Lady Lay is my least favourite. Now.

 — PollyReg

Can't say I ever liked it that much though. Always adored Ballad of a thin man.
 — PollyReg

 — Known