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Jonestown Cafe

it was the hottest new spot
on the east side
of course
of course
all the hipsters went there
dressed in chic ironic clothes
the house specialty was
The Jim Jones KOOL-AID
was the motto
i just ordered a tea
but most of the patrons went for the lethal cocktail
as one fell to the floor
only halfway through his NEW YORK TIMES crossword puzzle
as an Art Major couple had their last date
went a party of friends after a poetry reading
hipster bodies were dropping all around me
even the barista was dead by the time i went up for some more hot water
but there was a girl sitting in the southwest corner of the cafe
drinking coffee
i went behind the counter to get my own hot water
grabbed my pen and notebook
and went over to her table
"hey, mind if i join you?"
she looked up curiously and excited
and said
"please do"
i took a chair
"my name is Danny"
"Nice! I love that name!"
she blushed and said thanks
"how long have you been hanging out here?"
i asked
"since they opened
i live just down the street
and they have the best coffee"
she asked me the same
"this is my first time here
thought it sounded different..."
went the bass player for a local indie rock band
i thought..."
went the drummer
"...i'd check it out"
she smiled as hipsters continued hitting the floor around us
she asked
"you don't drink the KOOL-AID?"
i ain't that KOOL"
she giggled
"me neither"
so we talked for a while
and by closing time
were only two of five left alive
it struck me as a poor business model
i used my body language to suggest my leaving first
because that seemed like the KOOL thing to do
"hey Antoinette
it was good meeting you
we should hang out again sometime"
"for sure"
i grabbed my phone from my pocket
"what's your phone number?"
she gave me her number
stood up to give me a hug
and i left
i texted her a couple days later
with no response
it was my day off
and despite the smell of fresh decaying hipsters
they served a damn fine tea at Jonestown Cafe
so i went
walked up to the new and living barista
"hey man"
he said
"what can i get for ya?"
"hey brotha..."
i paused for a second
do you know a girl that hangs out here
"yeeaa man
was KOOL
"yeeaa man
she was in here lasts night
and drank a JJKA"
"a JJKA?"
"yeeaa man
it's our house specialty
The Jim Jones KOOL-AID"
"oh yea"
the acronym almost made me want one
he tried to entice me
"you wanna try it?
it's really popular"
i hesitated
but decided
i'll just have an earl grey"

14 Dec 13

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