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make believe

c o o k e d that little bird
ate it
tasted like a chicken ought too
the pigs' kidneys
f r y, strong healthy smell
am i cooking them proper?
can i ask anyone?
who, there, knows, anymore, these days?
how to handle these delicate meats?
how to r e a l l y fire
a little bird (not on the menu)
or the organs of a pig?
who can i ask?
maybe history
but history continually makes it up
so instead i'll just say
pigs organs cooked properly
are delicious
s m a l l  birds
cooked properly
are delicious
history may forget at times
ourselves may regret at times
meateating penchants and absolutes

16 Dec 13

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awesome, i enjoyed that
 — jenakajoffer

Yummy poem all the way
 — DeformedLion