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otter or other

these things we throw out
who would've imagined
could be so good?
fish, beef, turtledoves?
these things we throw out
who would've imagined!
can you imagine yourself
tossing out a fox?...or what's it's name...
one of those creatures that makes
both the water and land its home?
does the mirror that exists in your tv screen
show you enough of you you beauty?
it'll be terrible when frolic
becomes illegal

16 Dec 13

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is L12 on purpose with the double "yous?"
 — mandolyn

other is probably gollum

 — DeformedLion

yes on line twelve
 — hank

hello hank,

nice poem

 — PollyReg

C'est toujours
Les mots Les mots

 — monsters_eye