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can someone pass the pistol?

he said what i wrote wasn't logical
'you can't throw a fight at someone'
'you can't press your lips against a dream'
i pushed my teeth
into the gala apple i was eating,
severed the nerve by the seed
tasted the pain of its core
and said
not with that attitude

19 Dec 13

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Love the concept, and lines 6-9. good stuff.
 — sunhands

thanks, sunhands.
 — mandolyn

This makes eating an apple seem badass.
 — dannyprice

 — 9

^^ lol.

i swear there is a funnel cloud over this house lately... and i keep trying to throw darts at it. but nothing happens,
 — mandolyn

 — unknown

it's easy to write about something that happens soon after it happens more than it is to write about something that happened 15 years ago.
 — mandolyn

^^ thanks
that last comment ^ was for danny, sorry i didn't clarify.
 — mandolyn

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 — unknown

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