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i have a slinky.
it goes down the stairs,
but stops if you don't
do it right.
my slinky is metal,
not plastic and makes
a nice noise.
there is a song that
goes with it.
sometimes i hang  
from my nose,
and sing it.

24 May 04

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 — SpunHeart

HAHAHAHA... i love it.. hahaha
 — unknown

And sometimes i bet you wished you'd buried it in down the bottom of the garden .
 — larrylark

 — unknown

I liked ball - this is bull.
 — unknown

no, bull is coming next.
 — hank

The bull is always closely followed by shit
 — unknown

thoroughly enjoyable. except this poem should rhyme.
 — eajohnson1

I like it, and I don't know why! *snicker* It's not GOOD, but on the other hand, what IS good anyway? It made me laugh. And i like it. You're quirky, not like other people, which makes you unique! Stay this way. I like this poem, or have i mentioned it already? =]
 — nickiblitz

im going to stay tuned to your channel.
10+11 are lazy.  you can make something as openpalmed as 3+4.
 — gnormal

Absolutely appalling.
 — unknown

The slinky factory made heaps and heaps of money off me when I was a kid.
 — wendz

everyone loves a slinky. go. slinky. go.
 — thirdeyris

your, special.
 — divinity

and you divine.
 — hank

quick edit for gnorm.
 — hank


oh man

oh man i can man really man identify wid dis maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

 — unknown

ah cheerful!
 — nicolecote

I've often wondered what makes a slinky such a delicacy. Its goofiness? Its momentum? Its inevitable entanglement?

Very worthy protagonist.

h's unkn
 — unknown

Love it.

This is special, you are special. I wish I was special.
 — DeformedLion

Damn, you wrote this on my birthday.
 — unknown