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Thorry I wanted to lick your Thpine.

Last time I jumped out of the tree house
I landed on your clavicle.
You pinched my nose
and said call 911
or anything with two ones,
but not to press anymore than three
So I dialed Ferocious
and a man said "Fuck off"
I said we need a Medic. Then said stat-
because when you say stat
it means something.

22 Dec 13

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i'm thorry i read this without my glatheths
 — unknown

I thee thee thells on the thee thore
 — larrylark

Before thee O Larry, I will kneel
 — Pimpledthumb

 — Zadraph

^ we are the whole grain in skittles.
 — mandolyn

thisL'ing with this 'lil thing is amazing ... as a moment of exclamation this is the thing!
 — AlchemiA

it's just words that fell out of my mouth before i could say OOOPS ;)
 — unknown

 — unknown

^ funny, because if i ever move this to my name you will take that back.
 — unknown

oh zadraph... i can't believe where you are right now. when you get back we'll write an epic poem.
 — unknown

^ me. i have no clue how i posted that as unknown, accident i guess. weird.
 — mandolyn