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I Can grow

Bigger then a world
of Hippocrates.
Ican grow
like a fool
of hypocrtates

23 Dec 13

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i know you're not bauer. so i'll just shake your hand and ask you where the chips are.
 — mandolyn

Mike Bauer = percocet = cunt.

Idiots like Mandolyn can't make the connections, but that doesn't matter. Whatr matter is fucktards like Mandolyn allow Mike Bauer to continue his trolling of PC.

Mandolyn, grow a brain.
 — unknown

one way to know this is Bauer is this simple test. which he has responded to.

just push Bauer a bit and this is exactly how he responds, even using the word bully to conclude he is being bullied because he is being challenged for the utter shit he leaves all over PC.

Bauer is a sociopath. He has no real connection with people or has any ability to empathize with them and so he uses any chance presented to him to step on people and use them as the support struts for the stage he then pontificates from.

The one who cries "bully" is the biggest bully of them all.

It IS Bauer, Mandolyn. He is playing you, and has been playing your ego and masochistic attention need for a long time.
 — unknown

i have talked to bauer and percocet on FB. neither are each other. i guess i could be a dim wit and maybe i am being played BUT, i highly doubt it. i've talked to percocet and he is nothing like bauer. maybe he wants you to bully him as if he is... who knows. maybe he knows bauer.
but this is all silly.

if i'm being fooled, who cares. i've enjoyed talking to both apart from this place.
 — mandolyn

in the land of the blind the really stupid blind are not king
 — unknown

^ listen to the words that i typed. read them over carefully before jumping to respond.
thank you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
 — mandolyn

i read them. carefully. you're an idiot.
 — unknown

"ol' Unknown," posting many antisocial messages anonymously is more similar to sociopathy than anything anybody else is doing on this website.  You have bullied me with name calling (Bauer - though it has no derogative denotation, used in repetition it has become a word meaning crap, to you.), and I have responded to a name caller with name calling; so, who ever you are, ( and I think that you are DeformedLion) I am not trying to fight you - I am trying to poetically contest your opinion of me.  

P.S. Poetry critical should create an ignore button.
 — percocet

 — percocet

u want me to love u
 — percocet

I do
 — percocet

now get good
 — percocet