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found words- the killing bat

the directions from my killing bat:
Chaoli electric mosquitos rilling bat adopts the newest
techniques in the worid. It uses two um-5 olry batteries to produce power, and with the electronic circuit to change the power into high voltage in the bat(bat there is very small eteclric current in the bat)with which rills mosquitoes. It does not radiate harmfully, and with no poison and bad smell. It is a good hand in rilling mosquiloes at home, and it is safe to use it.
Use Direction:
Open the battery box on the end of the handle, put in
two 5# batteries. Hold the handle and keep a finger on the switch, the indicator light on, the bat works. Move the finger off the switch, the indicator light out, no voltage on the wire net.
1. The bat can not be used as a toy for children.
2. Do not often use metal no touch the wire net to cause sport when the bat works.
3. Keep the bat dry, do not be damped, do not use wet towel to wipe the wire net and handle.
4. Clean the body of fly and mosquito on the wire net
    often to improve killing result.
Caution: Do not touch the wire net when the bat works."
reproduced faithfully.

25 May 04

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What is this doing on a poetry site?
 — unknown

absolurely fuckin' batty,its so bad it doesn't even take the piss
 — unknown

it takes the piss!
 — unknown

dont stop.
 — gnormal

i  do not  want to kill bats!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
 — unknown

beyon amazing.
 — onklcrispy

 — unknown

I'll consider buying a chaoli for father's day. wondrous truction. A good hand is always hard to pass up, especially if you can keep a finger on the switch.
thanking you,
 — unknown

I liked the "notice" part a lot,
 — jenakajoffer