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♥-ஜღ~∞ Mercury ℞et℞og℞ade is a good time to change your bearings ~ღஜ-♥

whether you're over-bearing or under-understood, you'll swim in these many reflections, these tessellations glimmering on the now, in a take-awhile style, in this curley ∞ cue of whimsey in a whirl'd without fear, coming to you so intimately, so in-discriminating, and so very dear
... ♥-ஜღ¸.·´¸.·¨) ¸.·¨)
                      (¸.·´ (¸.·´ (¸.·¨¯`ღஜ-♥ ...
... ♥-ஜღ~all-the-while you'll realign your servo-mechanisms,
                                                 ∞ while-the-all recalibrates your fate~ღஜ-♥ ...
... ♥-ஜღ¸.·´and you'll never leave me alone, at one time or another, whether we're sister and brother, or broken-down and feeling out-of-sorts, when it hurts you're the one I've been waiting for all along∞yet an unexamined life is not worth lip-reading -- if this were transgender and a leitmotif for something you've got to show me -- while-the-all is writing something worth reading all-the-while doing something worth rewriting about, withoutta' doubt you'd be nearer my heart to thee·¨¯'ღஜ-♥...

9 Feb 14

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hell yeah.
 — JKWeb

Your writing is always interesting and full of logos and signals and memes of value and meaning that triggers the ignition of neural connection, pattern recognition, and old, deep knowing .. at least to me, anyway ;)

Your leitmotif might just well be a rather sublime one.

Good great coupled with symbolism that I connect with.
 — jenn

Is this YOU, Alch?  SOUNDS LIKE you!  If not, someone's on a similar thought plane.  I like the rollercoaster-y trip this poem takes me on and I especially like the detailed and delicate humaness which it exudes.  The swirly bits lend to its importance.  :-)
 — starr

OMG!  I KNEW IT!!!!  LOL!!!  See?  I know my Norhern brother's sweet, thoughtful voice!  :-)
 — starr

Urgh! My terrible typos ><

I meant ... Good read coupled with ..
 — jenn

Thank-you all for your kind remarks and alacriticality -- I was playing around with the sound and it became a whorl --
 — AlchemiA

poet-ninJa assassins recycling the one-percent and feeding the roots of further cycles than ever they bloomed before ...
 — AlchemiA

What's the significance of the wingdings?  
 — OldShoe

hey oldshoe -- they mirrorly signify and they're the curly-cue of whimsy -- retrogrades often show as going backwards, or you know you can say it but it comes out all wrong or what's the name of that song?  or it manifests as delays or as something happens that makes you go but you have to stay -- either way, the way it feels is it's not in your day -- so embrace the unexpected curly-cue of whimsical fate and reciprocate ...
 — AlchemiA

yeah retrogrades they mirrorly signify the curly-cue of whimsy -- retrogrades often show-up as if they're making everything go backwards, or, you know, you can try to say it but it comes out all wrong, or you sing it but can't name the song? Often it manifests as an unexpected delay or something happens that makes you wanna' go but you have to stay -- either way, it feels as if it's not your day but it is if you slow down and go within where expectations never really begin -- so embrace the unexpected curly-cue of whimsical fate and mirrorly reciprocate ...
 — AlchemiA