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dear sea that's dead or whatever,

so i'm in mid air today,
in the middle of a squat jump
with Lana Del Rey singing dark paradise behind me
and i remember something incredible
about your sand colored hair–
the boyish curls.
the shadow it makes on your forehead.
and you don't use gel or mousse,
or any of that sticky mafia man crud.
you really do smell woodsy
which makes no sense.
how can a pine tree survive in the sea?
don't tell me you grew an island..
i'll throw a fit.
if you come back to life
will you poke a hole in my raft?
i need to sink today
feel the murky cold suck my ankles
all the way up to my ears
i need to be covered in seaweed,
not breathe
until i black out
and see fish, flipping me off
on the other side–
you can give me mouth to mouth right after that
but please don't take your time
that's just sick.

28 Feb 14

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Lol, this is fun, as in funny and random but with intention behind it.

Poke a hole in my raft, hahaha

Last couple lines left me in stitches. :)
 — jenakajoffer

 — unknown

Gimme a couple days =)
 — unknown

you have time with that shoulder injury
climbing trees on the job....
 — unknown

Shoulder hurts like hell but thanks for the inspiration =)
 — unknown

ladders are jerks! but they are fun. :)
 — unknown

So is a guy named Steve who can't operate a forklift.
 — unknown

i'd have so much fun on a forklift, but more fun with a fork that pulled pork.
 — unknown

love is nothing if it's not care-free, even so, Fukishima lingers, fateful, fatal, churning and turning inner fires that're burning on our naked shores...
 — AlchemiA

its not love, well not that kind of love. we are a gang with soft weapons. and his filter needs replacing.
 — unknown