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today i laughed two times
once when somebody
misused, substituted the word dependables
for dependents ('dependables' are diapers for adults)
and then when a person with (state) power over me
said 'tyler, i understand that as men -
we are not so good at taking care of ourselves'

6 Mar 14

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wonderful / unexplainable poem

what is it with you beasts, eh?

 — PollyReg

Isnt it Depends?
 — unknown

yes, it may be...been out of the states for awhile and so's been some time since i visited the supermarket....but i do believe that the brand name is 'depends'...which is really funny if you think about it....
when the person said this word it made me think of them...so just consider it 'pluralized' or something, cause the poem still works
 — hank