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your impression of us likes using public restrooms

i never lived on a cul-de-sac
and baby
you kept driving
over sidewalk chalk, never stopped
until i drew a line –a lie
dripping from your silver smile,
so silver
slick and twisted and
just my afternoon curly fry
stirring my lips,
my sort of wit/wet ending in parentheses
(i won't say fuck you, i won't say it)
can we love like real people?
like the neighbors next door
who wash their cars together
and eat enchiladas at six, at a table
with more than two chairs
who bend over
and work each other
in a king size bed – stop screwing my head
(i won't suck you, anywhere, ever)
i never want to see us
in the middle of a mall
holding abercrombie and fitch bags
thinking of getting a soft pretzel
and there's a hard look in your eye
that pushes me away from
the emergency exit
i love leaving, love following the arrows
not following you
slipping between a fence
breathing like there's a gun in my hand
you keep on driving
don't watch me try to wave
some friendly, i almost loved you wave
almost crept into your room
and licked you
kind of wave

11 Mar 14

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Damn I knew it! Lady M strikes again.
 — unknown

Its damn good too. Esp like 10-12/29-38
 — unknown

diet mountain dew, baby! :)
 — mandolyn

^^ thanks
 — mandolyn

This is your first potty mouth poem eh?
 — unknown

18-21 is egads, but this is supposed to be read as if i am talking to the person who always talks like this about our friendship. i hope that's clear. :-/
 — mandolyn

Its more of a Port-O-Potty mouth seeing as you deleted most of the potty. Dont do bad language, it doesn't fit you. =)
 — unknown

^ i know. i normally don't veer towards profanity. but sometimes i just hafta say what i'm thinking. i don't think this poem is that profane. do you?
 — mandolyn

Cold Desert -Kings of Leon
 — unknown

^ i triple love that one. makes me sob inside.
 — mandolyn

Mandee is this the one you won't put in the book??
 — unknown

^ yes :(
unless i change a few things, but i really don't wanna.
call me chicken.. conviction chicken
 — mandolyn

Fuck it. Put it in the book. Judgies gonna judge!
 — unknown

Yeah fuck it. This is one my faves by you.
 — yield

Incidentally I have been ordering top ten personal loan lenders and Cialis not for the first month.  
 — unknown