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You're So Fucking Special

I'm not a creep. I'm not listening to that head on the Radio.
This is a fact-- a granular fact that has needed attention
since Oasis' ego was distended from Wonder Wall.
And that song is shit.
I'm just a bastard who never looks in the mirror--
afraid I might shave off the impervious beard around my heart,
or worse yet, become worlds best dad through a one night stand
that should have remained seated.
Why have I accumulated a
vast collection of shells? Because I am one.
You never shook me or took the time to peer into the cracks.
Had you done so, you would have responded with a noteworthy frown
that would force on me a steady smile,
because I would know you give a damn.
Your fatuity wasn't being off-guard with your emotions, giving yourself
away before your time --
Your stilled tongue was the reason I let you go. Your eyes were easy,
they went with me, avid and unafraid
until I pointed them in the direction of your heart --
His arms were softer and more forgiving.
I wanted you to dissolve into his hug instead of mine
because then I'd know I give a damn and I hate giving anything
to anyone.

11 Mar 14

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heavy and well-rendered.  not sure about the title but the rest is like butter.
 — JKWeb

whoa nelly. this is really good but yeah, the title is like- why?
this sounds like someone i know...
 — mandolyn

Title and line 1 are references to Radiohead's hit song, Creep, so I think it's all appropriate. Lines 2-4 read like music.

The way you play around with words and bounce them off of each other is gorgeous.
 — unknown

^ i'm such an idiot! of course. so yeah, the title does work then. sorry author!
i understood L1 but just didn't put the title with it...  (i was thinking the title was too generic)
 — mandolyn

Silly Mandee^ Thank ye
Thanks JkWeb & Unknown
 — unknown

now reveal yourself!
(still, i just don't like the word fuck as is or with an ing attached) :P
 — mandolyn

Na Na Nwaanyị
 — unknown

isn't it more like, you're so fuckin' special? haha. i got the reference, but i think it's a cool line apart from radiohead. cool poem, when i read it, i liked it, and i've reread and i still like it but my only issue is the punctuation. that's just me, i think it's too heavy. maybe just use single dashes and i don't know what to do with L19 but something different then a space and three dots. love it in entirety, though. real nice job. i wish i was special.
 — sylvia

I don't like the personality traits implied by the voice of this--pouty, (overly) self-centered, and ungrateful come to mind. That doesn't necessarily rule out an appreciation for the poem... rather, it shouldn't, and maybe I should just interpret this as honesty. Poetically speaking, the shaving the beard around the heart metaphor is kind of hard to take. I usually appreciate music references, but I'm not convinced that you need them. The title is okay, though getting rid of "You're" may help let the underlying poem go its own way. I guess  I just don't see the point of the first stanza. But hey, I like the ending.
 — unknown

I disagree with the above. This is somebody who won't change and knows he is an asshole. How many men out there know they are assholes? Its like "Hey I'm an asshole and you know it, you should be with someone who isn't"
I think the author comes across as someone who is honest and real and doesn't give a fuck. Except the girl in the poem. I do believe he loves her which balances this write, just right. :-)
 — unknown

ugh, the yellow light is so dang bright. :)
 — mandolyn

Hate to quibble over the small stuff, but in what way do you disagree with me? One can't logically disagree that I don't like these traits. You said, in a more straightforward way, that this portrays an (honest) asshole. I also acknowledged the honesty. So it must be something else... the metaphor? Or the necessity of the first stanza?
 — unknown

You said
"I don't like the personality traits implied by the voice of this--pouty, (overly) self-centered, and ungrateful come to mind."

I disagree. I didn't get pouty or self-centered from this. The opposite. The author is putting the girl before himself by letting her go. 15-19 is the best IMO. And the opening, well that is just fucking funny.

It's ok if I disagree with you. It's not going to change the poem or the meaning.
 — unknown

apparently this poem has become so fucking special :-P
 — unknown

not poetry is harder than it looks you-know
being human too

angelik-goth: where the bloom expressed after duress can be a blessed-beauty, a striking beauty and a bold -- for nothing that is beautiful has not also known of the misery and damned tempestuousness of the climb, from dark-desire to Sun drenched dirt, urg'd in swells that curl into a whirl'd rolling around with the numinous-that-is-moving-us and made of nameless elements of-course...
 — AlchemiA

yeah, we're vermin and spread through each other, sister and brother: your many suoıʇɔǝןɟǝɹ:reflections are cogently transcribed. You've plumbed the locus of meta-painting and meta-poetry with aplomb. You're analysis is cogent and hits all the write points-of-view with how the writer does it too. What's earnest in the Poem is the layers of the ephemeral-present-tense, how the Poem changes just by looking at it. And you've looked at it so very well. We're all bubbles of consciousness, bubbles of brilliant shimmering hues, bouncing and bullying each other around while looking for ways to merge with each other; leaking through our surface tension, we're wiggling 'n jiggling for that 'special' one come to burst us free to really be whom we ought to be -- life is real only then when I am bursting at the seams of what I thought reality means ...
 — AlchemiA

Alchemist, whatever you digest must be hearty. Youre making this a book club. =)
 — unknown

I like the title - I hear Thom's voice in the phrase cutting with a sardonic knife,  every time.

The poem for me ends at line 8. Why?

Well, because questions posed as obviously as the one from line 9 kill a poem for me.
From Line 9 downwards it's a internal scan of self absorbed reasons that can be explored better in your writing, and not as a question.

You rescue it a little at line 20 because you offer some reflective emotional material that tells us of the person you are, and I enjoy self psychology when it's honest and real.

.. and you're right .. Wonder Wall is shit, as is every single piece of cheap, meaningless, one-liner driven shit song Oasis ever produced. They captured the imaginations of the masses as a mass without any real imagination.

I really like the phrase 'a granular fact' :)
 — jenn

i can't believe i scraped this poem on my eye :)
 — mandolyn

Thanks jenn. I appreciate your thoughts.
 — unknown

 — unknown

a reading circle, a round table discussion, an all too human cycle of sift-and-compare, if you'll dare
 — AlchemiA

As soon as my reflection pierced the shadows, it shattered into many me’s turning in on each other, like Narcissus fingering his self-aware pool of consciousness, while Echo diminutively stuttered in arcane self-referential mystery, over and over again.

as Ouroboros attests, as every ripple spills into Tsunami shores, we repeat in things, as if all of creation stuttered out of itself toward this pure sapient frisson, this fusion of Earth and Cosmic urges which I am, which we all are, and which is the joyous secret enabling our climb out of Mother Sea, our glimmering from the Mother as Higgy Dust potential, our secession from Mother Space with its many dark matters …
 — AlchemiA

so you're special 'cause of the urge-to-merge -- http://goo.gl/RDa1R8 -- Do you carry DNA of former lovers in your body?
 — AlchemiA

Ha! That was great, Alch ... a bit closer than the old '6 degrees of separation', eh? :)

We're all cousins by blood or any other cell :)
 — jenn

I was taught we are all cousins by incest. No?
 — unknown

i KNEW this was you!!! turd.
 — mandolyn

Hmf. So much for takin' my advice. Hahaa
 — sylvia

 — unknown

I took advice. Its still shit.
 — yield

^ 10 users disagree. :P
 — mandolyn

I found your stash. I'd smoke a bowl with you love : )
Forget the stringed instrument, she is taken. I am free! !!
 — unknown

i love this because i like Radiohead, and Creep is on my top 5 Karaoke songs :D
 — majan

^^ yield is not in love with me. together we are friction, and mostly dictation. apart we are fiction, sometimes a benediction. (yes, i am married)
he likes girls who can shoot a gun and aren't afraid to get mud on their jeans, also a girl who makes pancakes for dinner.
just some advice :)  good luck!
 — mandolyn

Benediction. Lol
Sure, what she said ^
The girl I'm dating right now is from Orange County. Eats greens for dinner. I'll have to work on that.
 — unknown

So mandolyn is the one that got away  & now it's sinking in?
Am I starting a fire?
 — unknown

I drink the devils water. It soothes my soul to watch things burn.^
 — unknown

I am talking to yield, the author, ami not?
U didnt answer my question
 — unknown

I'm going to bare my ass for a sec.  I stay unknown for good reason.
I may be a man who wants what he can't have but I sure as hell am not going to answer any question that is reserved for social media shit.
 — yield

Are u saying I should contact u on FB?
 — unknown

Won't find me. ^
 — yield

U r breaking my heart yield!
 — unknown

I highly doubt that^
 — unknown

I can't read a poem that begins with, " I'm not a creep." maybe change it to crape.  Damn, you are a crape, and a creep.
 — percocet

And that's why you wright poetry- Crappy, creepy, poetry.
 — percocet

I don't drive a Jeep.
I could go for some crepes tho.
 — unknown

You're pretty fucking special percocet^^
 — yield