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up around bryn mawr

all i want to know
is that you enjoy'd our walk
that when you took the left
through the new gate
and up the paved part
next to the nice wall and that cottage
where the last hanged man lived
you thought about me
because that's the stretch
i think about you

11 Mar 14

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i really like this hank. read it a few times now.
 — unknown

oh HANKY I loove you
Tom and jerry & scoobyDOO
you,re my lolli

betty BANG betty BANG
 — unknown

it's a little knot untied and left hanging in just the right way .. nice.
a good read.
 — jenn

Bryn Mawr in Wales or Pennsylvania?

Could be either, doesn't matter, 'that cottage' is both.
 — jenn

This is BANGIN'!!!!  I love the contrast, the colors, the matter of fact vibe yet the somber undertone of the whole thing.  It's melancholia stewed and perfected.  :-)
 — starr

oh dear this is good
 — unknown

Agrees to everybody
 — unknown

jenn - the bryn mawr i'm speaking of is the house of the founder of Bryn Mawr in Penn. Roland Ellis. Cheers. Ty.
 — hank

Ah, thanks Hank :)

I know Wales very very well, but alas the US only by remote viewing.
 — jenn

how do you know wales well?
 — hank

...and that's a good comment..'remote viewing'...unfortunately, i think, that that is how all the world knows us, or doesn't...we encouraged that no?
it can be a good place, you should go
 — hank

I like in England, Hank, which is right next door to Wales :)

I spent a lot of my early teen youth there, did a lot of hitch-hiking up and down the country, some mountain walking and cross-country hiking, and I have several friends both north and south Wales who I used to visit .... though I've not done for for a few years.

It's about as wild and mountainous a country as you can get in this part of the world, unless you go much further north into Scotland.

Wales just about has everything, mountains, beaches, low-land valleys, it's both very rural and has a couple of fairly big cities too.

It's a such a beautiful place :)
 — jenn

I like = I live

 — jenn

... and yeh, I really want to go to the US, but always hesitated as it's one of those places which would take a life-time to get to know properly, so I decided to head eastwards ... to Japan :)
 — jenn