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your gravity

wake me up
on nights in mornings,
your ease done
mounted perfect
a wall draws
its final curtain
halcyon, for once
is defined -
star-filled skies
be rainless;
that i vapor
waiting heavily
towards a pull closest

14 Mar 14

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well, yes a geocentric gravity well exists where you have mass, where the end of me is the beginning of you, a vortex 'rounding into a curley-cue, rolling 'round the whirl'd, with me inside you ... the Tao-Te-Ching shows us the basic 32 trigrams and their hexagrams of what we thought we knew
 — AlchemiA

stellar, kosmik attractions always have their tidal-pull, it's an ancient ache swelling inside as a dark-desire to go where we momento-mori, and not be sorry for the fall...
 — AlchemiA

Drop the plural on skies or drop the 'a'. L2 is a beautiful oxymoron as are you. :-)
 — unknown