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Deadly Sins

That fat,greedy bastard
had everything i never had,
especiallya drop dead gorgeous  
wife with whom i longed to have
close intercourse;
so i killed him by stealing his wallet,
tying it to a stoneand dropping it
from a very great height,
on top of his big bulbous head,
after first luring him out
for a gourmet meal,
over the phone.

28 May 04

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good poem, but maybe you didn't need to tie the wallet to a rock.
(hinting that it was heavy itself from gold coins)
also, improve your typing. there are clerical errors.
 — hank

your punctuation is atrocious. but apart from that, this is cool. makes me laugh.
 — wendz

This is just plain stupid.
 — unknown

Its like most things in life then my friend, especially comments that don't add up to a can o' beans
 — larrylark

Pretty funny! I like the irony in his death. And the proposterousness (i think thats a word...) of the murder plan.

I like "close intercourse" too...thats neat the way did that
 — mr_e

Oh, yummy good nasty fun!  Stoneand is not a word, hmmm?
 — unknown

Neither is pebblebut there you go

Larry stoneface Lark
 — unknown

The feeling is there, but the poem is far from amazing.
 — unknown