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when with her, when without

she has to tell me to stop staring
into the circus that i see and into
the freaky show that astounds me
so i say in my defense and defiance
it's amazing!
and i cannot prevent my own dilation
i've tried all types of food; love barbecued bat
and spiders? taste like monkeys, mouth;
easily bares what eyes shocked to see

2 Apr 14

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i like it
 — mandolyn

Cool and unusual poem
 — larrylark

Why did I read it like barbqued bat wings? Geez Lol. It is a very cool and unusual poem though. Bravo!
 — sylvia

Met a guy (not guy) who was very extensitislust ( yep exactly spelt like that  ) who answered to my question who are you. I don't know who I am. Like who really didn't know who he was, but he was someone! I bought him a beer, he drank it not me! And I can attest no one polishes off beer like he did if he didn't exist. I even I have his number!  In short. Good poem.
 — bettalpha

you know when you read quickly sometimes and you misread and you wish it was written that way.

L7 I read I'm tired of all types of food.

i'm tired of all types of food;  barbecued bat
and spiders taste like monkey mouth;
easily bares what eyes shocked to see

L6 - 39 weeks preggers and shitting oneself...

just thoughts,
i enjoyed this
 — unknown