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you love me under unknown.
my poetry is different there, more alive
more like you.
your eyes have never been black
like your coffee, you just like saying that.
and they don't blink like the big hand
on my kitchen clock. i just like looking at them.
they unbutton my smile –
my chipped tooth feels prettier
after the trill in your voice unclothes it;
my mouth is naked around you.
i will never tell you who i am
when i retreat to anonymity.
maybe that is why i love the darkness
and refuse to add windows to our saga.
there was a time
i wanted you to hold me like
you hold the body of your twelve string,
but i wanted your eyes open-
it's the only way
i can still see the sky
without having to mess with the blinds.

11 Apr 14

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did you mean thrill in 10?
 — unknown

^ no, it's trill. :)
 — mandolyn

How'd I miss this? Damn fine acting. You should get a golden globe.
 — yield

Sorry. That was mean. I don't know what to say at times.
 — yield

This could begin at L16. Good allover anyhow.
 — unknown

^^ doesn't bother me. i know why you do it. we are dangerous together :-/

^ it could! you are so right. hm...
 — mandolyn

Your book there con net q cialis is for a generic cover, left, to return, they rely on more expensive.  
 — unknown

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