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Burgers and a Concubine

It's like you'd never had the strength to let me know
although you knew that come what may I wouldn't blow
Thy vile revilement had my arteries a'knot (you HO -
you had my stomach churning fables into Love
and shitting out
the truth)
fabrications like a supper Wendy's whopper
large but Dynamite
Yours -

14 May 14

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burger king is home of the whopper. wendys is famous for their frostys -which can be large but dynamite.
love the title.
poem is good too, especially 'you had my stomach churning fables into love'
 — mandolyn

lol thanks for the info - I rarely dine at fast food restaurants. Whopper and Wendy's just sounded nice.
 — faith

Your burger doesn't have lettuce, onion, tomato, or rhyme.  
 — percocet

Don't get me started on your concubine.
 — percocet