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Old fashioned Roses

We waded through impassable passages
once you saw old fashioned roses wilt
I already knew they suffered from some inexcusable rust.
We continually spoke of the need for pergolas
to marvel at our boon,
but in time brambles sought their sphere.
I dotted over you, planning a shrine
but you sleep walked
trusting the extant
without as much as an effort

25 Jun 14

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Very nice language being used in this .... extant, pergolas, boon, ... you give us an impression of working physically through the writing in the way you are wading through those impassable passages as the lines stretch and bend into one another.

I've seen gardens like this ... gardens that have had to be maintained all the time to keep them in order .. and once left to their own devices they very quickly go feral .. the cultivated go back to the wild ... and all the more glorious are the splashes of flower colour amongst the free and untamed.

Enjoyable read.
 — jenn

there is nothing in this i do not like.
keep it all. it's great.
 — mandolyn

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