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found words- tobago

today i saw,
black people open your eyes

1 Jun 04

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What the hell is this supposed to mean?
 — Rixes

Tobago; do you live in the united states of america or The United States of America? Or maybe in some other country, but still with a Capital.
 — SimpleMind

whoops lost something in cut and paste. updated now.
to simple minded- united states of america looks fine to me.
 — hank

to rixes, don't ask me, ask you.
 — hank

Oh yea you "lost something in cut and paste." Sure.
 — Rixes

mmmm Tobago, .This did nothing for my lumbago, in fact it made it worst
 — larrylark

 — dmu_96

Yeah, this doesn't mean much. Maybe the comma needs to be taken out. But it's still too short and ambiguous to be very meaningful.
 — zepplin42

the ambiguity makes it intriguing. remember these are "found words" so any addition would ruin the significance behind the concept of a "found" poem.    
 — Mazzo

i like it.
 — hanging-doll

makes me want to play with the line breaks
until i realize you probably did already.
 — gnormal

this is beautiful.
 — tallalaska

it's amazing how a poem, simple words, can transport you.
 — hank

i, occasionally, exhibit signs of genius. this is one of them.
 — hank

brilliant. i'm back and reading. man, you got some amazing stuff...
 — unknown

i ain't commentin on this one

if i do, it will be gone in  a few m,oments

Tobogan Bargain Basement Man
 — unknown

i truley dont know HOW to comment on this... the only thing that i can pull from this is its amazing capacity to confuse me...........
 — topop

Yeah..perhaps I'm just dense or just plain stupid, but this makes no sense to me.
-A confused Mary
 — fallinforyou

epiphany in tobago - a tourist wakes up as Gregor Samsa.
 — unknown