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my skull is not a human skull though,
it is a cattle skull from a cow.
mine has leather,
but only left on half of its face
and it has both horns.
if i put it in the sun,
it will be all white one day.
even teeth.

2 Jun 04

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No. You've got contemporary, or at least headed in that direction, but a wrong turn somewhere has left you with an absolutely appalling poem.
 — unknown

At least your original. Even though u are lacking some stuff.
 — dmu_96

l8 should be "even the teeth". l1 "though" though is unnecessary. The poem is pure metaphor without relation to the real world.
 — zepplin42

A cattle skull from a cow?  Didn't see that coming...
 — manstrut

It time for you, hank, to wake up.
 — unknown

 — hank

Congradulations, you're medically deformed.
No, seriously though, Zep's got a point and put it to words. There still, also, doesn't seem to be meaning behind half of it being left or how it has both horns.
 — FangzOfFire

i thought i muttered this and heard. then i felt the legs not touch the ground. swinging. i like this.
 — tallalaska

i think hank means the teeth are even zepp.  hanks saying he's got the head of a bull, he's got a tough side! he's no sissy poet!
 — unknown

did you sculpt this o'keeffe moment?
 — tallalaska

Its horrible. Nobody cares that you look like a cow.
 — marchhare

Its a good idea not worked through
 — larrylark

and... if you put it in the cellar. Oh, skulls. Do you collect skulls? First editions?
Where did you find your skull? I once travelled with a decomposing turtle skull. My companion at the time agreed to toss it when the maggots began to party.
 — unknown

ok, so i'm catching up with you. your work, your insistence in going through these old dust devils is a wonderful gift to me, do you know?. rereading is a wonderful experience, albeit seemingly self indulgent. but not really.

a very good lesson. would like to return the favor to you or someone. (cause i don't know who you are). t-hanks.
 — hank

It's my pleasure, hank. And now... on to the next. "Beach," is it?

h's unkn
 — unknown

's cool
 — chuckle_s