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Now is the time we must arrange our plans,
As around us, within us life happens.
Receding ebb tides of immortal seas,
Ease away in a day of zephyr’s breeze.
Ponder it now as our faces look west,
Wonder solemn what we once said in jest.
Like all before us and aft, we shall wait
For some clue or sign ‘twill unease abate.
We reason it out as best mortals can,
Have faith in our love, in which God had hand,
In the promises we know He did mean;
Believe God exists, proved Saint Augustine.
One day with my love I’ll lay by his side,
Though he wants the top for a bony ride.
In afterlife’s glow forever reside,
A heaven apart we could not abide.

31 Jul 14

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excellent poem
 — rivergood