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Its the whole package
not just a wink or blush,
its an even temper
never being a cause celebre,
calibrating the right love.

26 Aug 14

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It is the 'whole package' .. that's true, but I feel this ends ... just ends, with no spiral shaped afterthought as the 'temper' of balance.

I like the precision of this, but I am looking at an empty line just after the last one written :)

A truthful message, none-the-less.
 — jenn

Close the extra space between 'not' and 'just' - line 2 ;)
 — jenn

i will drink kool-aid to that
 — mandolyn

I like the 'calibration' of the right love ;)
 — jenn

Well, that whole package thing just depends on a few things...
 — unknown

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