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To The Patriotic Cabal, To The Towers, To Old Men And Their Trumpets Of War; To Fascism

In the high schools,
they came to us.
like salesmen.
humvees (IED's).
abrams tanks
blackhawks (RPG's).
like subway merchants
with kiosks,
by the cafeteria
pitched us.
in rented offices,
and small rooms of A.S.V.A.T.S.
for our diplomas.
for our dreams.
In the high schools.
where the war
where the Baby Boomers
collected infantrymen,
where their pablum was art.
they came to us.
and insignia.
sponsors of the Dead-March.
    I pass by the strip mall;
    there, 2 years before,
    Babylon was calling.
    Now it was just
an absent shoebox. next
to a laundromat.
    the names
    the head stones
How many?
How many were sent to the horror.
from there?
It is with
the greatest indignation
I collect their ash and dust in air
these iron moths
set to fetch the wings
of men.

1 Oct 14

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40-45 -good
 — unknown

great title.

And I particularly enjoyed the last stanza.
 — unknown

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