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in my fucked-up years
as a sub-adult
I so wished to die
have the scars on my arms to prove it
desperate attempts at love
acne, crooked teeth
fucking awkwardness of a teen
needing more
than a hug from mother
getting drunk at a party
a fatal bow to beauty
staggering home lonely
wishing to God
I’d get swept away
in Nordic wind
crawl in a cave
die in the dark womb
from where I was induced

17 Oct 14

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this couldn't be written any better.
 — mandolyn

great work
 — Modiva

 — yield

Thank you very much Poets.
 — unknown

 — larrylark

Thanks for reading Mr. Lark.
 — unknown

this is a brooding rant and you dared to say it and for that I am giving you kudo's for the masterful bitch session you've managed to capture the terrible teens ex-aspirations -- it's authentic
 — AlchemiA

thanks much AlchemiA.   appreciate your time and thoughts.
 — JKWeb