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Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

from my window
     I can see
a huge hill,
upon which is a girl('s house),
     who I dated for almost
4 weeks.
she had 3
       glass eyes,
(one was a spare)
and it used to amuse me
to hold her nose
      when she sneezed-
so her eyes would pop out.
       the novelty wore off when,
one winter's night,
my dog caught one and
                                                         ran off.
nice girl though.

- a found poem

9 Jun 04

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Nice poem, however, the line breaks and obscure spacings, although interesting, seem random and without purpose.
 — unknown

you and your damn 'found poem's inuki, why dont you try writing something for yourself every now and then?
 — unknown

Excuse me, unknown..

"why dont you try writing something for yourself every now and then?" excuse me! i 30 poems on this site that I wrote myself. This is only my second found poem.

If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. Plain and simple.
 — Inuki

This one is really cool.
I am curious about your choice of spacing, but I'm not against it.  It was simply a little scattered for my taste.  I felt I was all over to find out about what the dog did.  Maybe you could reformat??
Very good considering it is a "found poem".  Nice job.
 — aforbing

haha, i like it.

i love the obscure and seemingly random line breaks and spacing.
 — shakeit

where did you 'find' it?
 — flame

The original source was:


go to question 8- you'll figure out where I got the title for this poem from, as well as the source of the poem.
 — Inuki

f* me this is funny! hehe..i think the fact that this is a found poem makes it funnier...aww man too funny for words. *i stand in awe*
 — wendz

good poem
 — unknown

cool like it
 — unknown

This is brilliant,lucky you for finding it. It goes in my favourites
 — larrylark

 — listen

i can't crit this. where's the point?
 — Trish77

Great found poem
 — sir_I_clan

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