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Porcelin Cash

I will go back to KC
unless a cataclismic
event is spontaneously
Almost transparently
staring at me,
Face to face
While im staring west
Won't happen...nah
And somehow axiety of this blurrrr
A fucking waste of light
Shines in that smirky kind of way
IN FRONT of you,
No one to guard but me..fkn angel..
I remember others
With jackets
And without
Cutting in and out of
frequencies like a broken radio
This act of natural talking
is always scrambled
Buzz, scratching and tuning
even Elvis couldn't do himself
I want to think young cupid
would have done something
And eased this entire trip
Into.asimilation.from the NY orphanage
I mean it is just 400 miles,
1500 from the orphanage.
I couldn't find many tools this trip
Sleeping heavier,
defineately not as strong
Acting like cupid mostly
Tasting few moments of wickedness
And foods tailor made for this city
Just here for the holidays...
not ever
wanting to know
The truth behind
The Family History
In-house disasters
My entire life will flash before me,
Waiting to arrive
I always start crying
I am to those things...those..people...
Don't know if the trees are people
"Swaying limbs in the wind"
And if clowns are funny or evil
So they say, and I think
"Remember your first time reading English?"
Anyway that fucking place sucks,
Kansas City
I want to stay away until death
Fucking miserable,
Horrendious and limited life
Not to mention my chest, stomach and lower back!
All honored with mediocre doctors
And cleaning powers which worked!
But, now its more gout than you need in a day
I mean if I'm 26 two days ago, that
Makes you ..chatter...
Idk! Now espeically, fuck...!
I want to spill lots of blood,
Selflessly... and not literally
Opting for ambiguity and then
Sharpening a knife driven
To evangelism of freedom and fortune
Audiophiles ate the in crowd
Ripping the wings off
every fleeing chance of escape,
Back up plan B becomes plan A,
That's KC.
I could eventually act,
Thinking about spending enough money,
To escape any kiss
I could get drunk,
Get you.
Idk let me see these messages boards

These are 2 hour cell phone writes, mostly first attempts at describing or telling ghost.stories

20 Dec 14

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