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Fire; The first thing to remember

Trying to make room for your thoughts
Lifting the drink
You went away for a long time
One purpose for you too
But not close to my cemetary
Mine is better than yours
Or do you even have one?!

That was the rework of this:

Poet John Werren directs
the new line-up of dildo sales employees
At a city-high office Manhattan
Humoring newbians with the mention
Of mutant sized french fries

Eateries within Battery City Park
Create gyros with no gloves
There a server begans flirting for tips
looks and lifts her skirt smiling
Dildo sales are strugglin' but, I'm hungry

Eschelons of restaurant employees move in and out
All fucking day, nyc has a steady stench
It's the restaurants, suits and the whores
YSL fruit and eucalyptus cologne go together neatly

2 Jan 15

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