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Ladies and Lagers: A Lacrimosa Part 1

"You ever gonna cut that beard?" Eva asks from the kitchen.
"With this beard, a hat and a dark pair of sunglasses,
I can pretty much disappear," I answer.
"Yeah, or make people think you're a child molester
who's obsessed with Ted Kaczinski."
She has a point. In the long run
we end up scaring the people we're afraid of.
"I'm off to the store, you want anything?" I ask,
putting my jacket on and cramming the rest of a Milky Way into my mouth.
"Yeah, pick me up a citrus Kombucha," Eva says.
"A what?"
"Never mind, I'll come with you."
My car's parked under swirling snowfall
and the flickering of a yellow streetlight.
We get in and warm up the engine.
Eva checks the state of her lipstick in a compact mirror
and light's a clove cigarette.
At least I think that's what it is. It smells like Christmas anyway.
She looks over at me with mischievous smile.
"So I met this very nice girl at work today," she begins.
"Oh no," I say. "You can stop right there."
"And I was thinking..." she continues.
"And no thank you," I cut her off and head into traffic.
"My heart's still bleeding from the last one."
We're careful to not slip on the ice and snow
as we cross the parking lot and enter the Stop N' Go mini-mart.
I grab a six pack of Coors Light
and a party size bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.
"And a pack of Djarum clove cigarettes," Eva says to the cashier.
"Anyway, she'd really like to meet you," Eva continues.
On the way home I protest a few more times,
but ultimately hand over the reigns.
That's all women really want anyway, right?
The reigns?

16 Jan 15

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Not the reins ... no ... just our own.

There's a distinction.

Your story telling is as masterful as always :)
 — jenn

bah! the 'the' was meant to come out in italics .. for emphasis, you know ... but put my elements round the wrong way ><
 — jenn

 — jenn

bah - ok enough of that  :P
 — jenn

L 12- l'm
No apostrophe L 17
And, yes, sometimes. Reigns works just about right here, BTW.
 — akiikii

Thank you akiikii, mandolyn and jenn
for reading.
I mean no disrespect.
Much <3
 — 9

I know and none taken ... but there is a self awareness about who we are and what we do that doesn't belong to anyone else :)
 — jenn

i know many women who want to hold the reins. the reins scare me. i just want a hand to hold.

the first line made me almost snatch the reins from Eva. ;)
i'd never tell a man to cut or shave his beard.
but i loved your answer. (and her response)
just tell her "you wish you could could grow a beard"

your food choices compared to hers
down to your honest attitude about various things, is just one big fat smile all over my face. your humility is so loud i just want to keep turning up the volume on your writings.
L24 would get circled if i had to find a significant stand-out in this.
and i love eva and her clove cigarettes.
she seems like a fun friend to be around.

part two is where i really smiled...
 — mandolyn

You humble me mandolyn.
Thank you jenn.
Is it reins or reigns?
 — 9

Reins. For horses. Queens reign. That's why I liked it. :-)
 — akiikii

this story reigns :)
 — mandolyn

Dig it.
 — dannyprice

i like
 — hank