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vane chet  ยท
upload cv to all job sites
i look about and see people fitting in...everybody fits...what happened to me?
all saints music
and b 52's
the blue lagoon has one star and the tequila sunrise is oranged over ice  both for 4 and there are vests, suspenders and ponytails
trainman says 'have a good evening sir despite the weather'.
its called comedy...but it's really just bellyaching
horses sorely missed
clean water onion garlic saffron
thai soya knorr fish cube and quality
anchovie in oil
small button mushrooms quartered plum
tomatoes frozen spinach one filet
frozen pollack....cayenne pepper and gozo
salt crystals....let it be
wild mushroom broth and wild mushrooms
pour over basmati when tuna steak that
was added last cooked and falling apart
2 litres water...2 hrs
ball peen venus - penus
democratic art is generally bad art dark matter being a super unfocused laser
dream  - shepherd named cobalt  feb 2?..2015
checkout muse

22 Feb 15

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i is great!

ii foodie and sensusl

lost me in iii and I lost the poem

 — PollyReg

*sensual (phone poem)
 — PollyReg

lol, again. phone *typing*
 — PollyReg

where was it mentioned this was from a phone?
 — hank

It was from a phone?

The comment section is becoming increasingly cryptic. deliberately challenging.

Your poems a good read!
 — PollyReg

line 15 quartered.  I liked reading it but I can't make suggestions as I don't know what your aim was.  Made me want to go cook!

No phone in this.  
 — Isabelle5

thanks Isabelle
 — hank