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shamisen shamisen, shame on you

i was born a raised liar,
grilled chicken strip for a tongue
and chewing tobacco for teeth,
taking the stars out of the sky
one at a time to give myself
some semblance of control over
the ceaseless waves of mediocrity;
i was taken in by deceit
at an early stage, saw the gray as
black and white, not much else -
it was a deafening conclusion to
the settling of the storm inside my
chest cavity where a lung or two
should go, instead there were only
the endless rows of corn stalks;
i was given the world by tricksters
as a present for my accomplishments
in the war of reason, took the world
and gave it to myself in the mirror,
not the I in the bedroom at three in
the morning, but the I that exists outside
of space-time complexities, the I that
lives to lie to self to others to selflessness;
exist only to
live in the waves
of logicality not
to breath in and
breath out the tar
stained pits of my
eye sockets and
i live to yearn for
the touch of convex
curves and
not much else.

17 Jun 15

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allow me a keatsian reaction to this poem: wow! awesome! (spontaneous overflow of emotion at the brilliance of your poem)
 — anastasiya

I have just given this poem 5 points. The current heading is wrong
 — unknown

ie 10 points by 4 voters. I am no 5 votet and I want justice
 — unknown

you're illiterate in english so your vote doesn't count.
 — cadmium

^ lol

As for this poem, it's great. It carries an ease and suppression and is crafted very well. The language is a little boring, not too many exciting moments but it finds a certain peace in that that is alluring. Well done.

Thanks for the read.

10 from me
 — unknown

Quite breathtakingly excellent
 — larrylark

No middle name for you this time, Larry?

I must have truly taken your breath away. :)
 — ARedLetter

Freakin' aMAZING from start 2 FINISH!  Great writing, great job!  :-)
 — starr

love the images in the poem and of the poem --- "saw the gray as black and white;" "the settling of the storm inside my chest cavity," "to breathe in and out the tar stained pits of my eye sockets." they are ordinary words but carry deep impressions.
 — memelover

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