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you look about

i said
that fucking tee
aint very
i said
what a ? and asked myself
is this the people?

12 Nov 15

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I like your words and your tenacity.(399 more where that came from, yo!) I like your sculpcha too.
 — tonebone

something like, 'and talked myself' would tighten this and edge it into reality. the 'and asked myself' is from some simon and garfunkle song.

everything else seems ok to me, seems like what you'd brain-shoot to the world as you walked inside some neighborhood, some transitional street where there's yuppie bagel shops but not a starbucks yet.

knowing of course, that this is you looking in the mirror before you go to the lounge. or something.
 — cadmium

oh, sorry hank. this probably words perfect where you live. it's not chicago, but then it's not supposed to be i guess, cause of political necessity and supply.
 — cadmium

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