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Life as we know it

It probably
didn't need to be this hard.
But there's
junior bacon cheeseburgers,
and Game of Thrones,
and Kate Mara.

3 Jan 16

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i know how i read this -- as a stark snarky and cynical laugh at all cheapness. but, i suppose you're saying that these things are the solution to whatever life is that it has to be so hard? and, if not, if it's not a philosophical consolation or a cynical trashing, then i'm not really sure what's going on here. i'll give it a ten to keep it on oxygen.
 — cadmium

thought maybe there was an off-chance Kate Mara was PC member, and I could get her number.
 — unknown

i actually don't know personally the game or the kate. and, i really don't even want to know. so, that's why i'm not sent in to drive by that content. but, i still don't know the value of these commercial objects to the author.
 — cadmium

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