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narrow little lane

that place
steep road
turned right
day before
open road
clay shade

11 Jan 16

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i can do this, but the words aren't friendly with each other enough to grab my poetry. i mean, it's ok if words play rough or edgy, but they have to be in the same wording space/consciousness to make any music. poetry is always some kind of music, and john cage said that even Webern sounded like a strauss waltz after awhile. i think that's the truth, but unlike cage i still believe in the necessity of some kind of connection between myself and the physical world. this one gives physical presence to the sound of reality, if you know what i mean, but doesn't listen to those sounds in any way except 'watch out for the bad guys' ( if you know what i mean, which is simply that this is wording to watch out for other words. )
 — cadmium

yes, i know what you mean...and thank you.
 — hank