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shame on you

ther es an era
ero better than
your yeara
there is somebody behind you
your present pales
to someones past

2 Feb 16

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This is not pt. 3. This is not ok.
 — Known

yes, it is. and, it is.
 — hank

https://en.wi kipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Brel
 — hank

nice. it's about time someone here showed me how to write poetry. thanks hank, for rising to the light.
 — cadmium

A wisp of attempted poesy that dies not cut it
 — unknown

you cut one, unk. open the window and air out your head, then see the view out in a world where words are silver and tink-ouise and spatially reverent to bits of light.
 — cadmium

this is great.
 — PollyReg

Oh mine head is aired like the poet's fart ringing thru a skeletal head. Get serious cadm.
 — gombola

you're not, why should i? deep netflix awaits you. try 'person of interest' for an old fashioned musical  comedy. you know nothing, and you don't even care if you're just another Joe on somebody's payroll.
 — cadmium

there is somebody behind you
your present pales
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 — zhangkai1992