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why did the sun go down so easily, so fast?

he once said  i reminded him
of a freezing coyote    waiting to walk  
without snapping in two
i told him it's the what the sun wears
and how it never turns around    never looks at me
though from the back  i've been charred
he once said  we'd never sail on eggshells
that if i hopped far enough  i'd miss the sound
of a tsunami  rising from beneath my feet
it wasn't long after  morning made a mistake
waking up the wrong day  with fire in its flute
and rickets in its song
now weeks have wandered away from us
trust is drowning  in a milksop sea    
surfs without ball caps    tobacco-free tides
i want to grind him  between my teeth
until the truth comes out    
and runs naked through the sand
i want to take his lap  and make copies
one for every room i'm sent to
to think about what i did    when love sat down

18 Feb 16

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Why did I hear the chair pull out??? Is chair heavy for love???

15-18 are crucial.

Love it.
 — Known

This needs an L18.5 though.
 — Known

Lovleee Mand
 — unknown

what a harrowed poem

i lurvs it <3 missed you mand
 — sylvia

Mandy...where are you???
 — Known

i'm over there....
 — mandolyn

This is .... wow.
 — Haxxen

so a year or two has passed.....and still i love you.....such an inspiring poetess....with all the ups and downs the love is still there waiting for you.....it was just so hard to accept with all the impediments and such.....i wish i hd not been so cruel....you really didnt deserve it.....itsjust that i was so angry at women in general and im sorry to say i took it out on you....i wish you peace.....your secret is always safe with me....i think you know that now.....time has proven that to you....its rather nice to have found you on this site.....maybe we can salvage what got damaged....maybe not....you are still a great poetess and an inspiration.....i've gotten older...not any wiser...but the jealousy , the insecurity has finally burned itself out....i've enjoyed writing to you....writing about you....loving you from afar....may our wonderful tragic torture continue....in a more positive and healing manner.....peace my love....peace.....keep writing......
 — unknown

Jesus fucking Christ! I had to read this three times in a row. it's fucking brilliant. I don't want to just pet your ego, but I suck with words.
 — dvdsxr

That is a doozie of a poem. Had to read it twice, I enjoyed it so much the first time. Like each line never ends up where you thought it might, but it's kinda close, but somehow still idiosyncratic... does that make sense? Anyway, the title sucked me in and I fell in love with your words. Perhaps the best I've read on this site in months. Bravo!
 — dmartin

I would do anything for those first 2 stanzas. I got plasma TVs.
 — morningbring