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root to spine,
ponderous steam
of dirt and pig.
blood thin root
drain Here, Now,
Know, boy,
from possibility.
beautiful fruit:
piss stream of acorn…
fruit of mind,
skin, of
every round thing.
he is beautiful,
this tree,
this endless oak
of eternity.

this is a picture of change and being changed. i think it's a poem.  

23 Jun 16

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I feel different.
 — cadmium

maybe not so bad. i still like this one.
 — cadmium

et expecto resurrecto.
 — cadmium

change is difficult, changing in a telephone booth must be exhausting. so many supermen, so many victims.
 — cadmium

this should be too difficult for the hobby-english writers to get. interested to see what grammar corrections they have to offer. after all, they learned english in middle-school as a second language. that means that they must have learned only perfect high-class textbook english. unlike me, who wuz teached by a talking horse in a barn when i was sebben.
 — cadmium

nice few words strung together, liking the pig and piss and the beauty found in the change of it all. is it about a boy because tree is obvious.
 — jenakajoffer

oh hi mike, this seems a bit different.  sorry i don't have my scholar hat on for it but i did really enjoy the reads. thanks
 — jenakajoffer

thanks jen. 'metamorphosis' is change, and this is about the change from being a boy to being a man. in this, change goes forwards and backwards as necessary.

the entire body and being is the oak solid reality of human, and the changes of the oak are seasonal. the root being, the acorn growing, is always with us through life. it's not that we 'forget that', forget to be a child again, but that we're endlessly what we are and root creative power, what the squares think is 'childish', is necessary and will always be there when we need it.
 — cadmium

 — cadmium