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In Jealousy's Captivity

Without notice,
she let jealousy enter.
She was lured by illusory eyes,
projecting shades of green.
Perhaps the blazes,
ignited by envy's pupils,
blinded and disillusioned her.
Now, she is constrained  
in the core of covetousness,
tangled in threatened thoughts,
longing for another woman's possessions.
In silence and secrecy, she voices
forbidden desires and resentments--
"I want her looks, her job, her life!
I want the attention
that my best friend effortlessly receives!
Why can't someone see
that her strengths weaken mine,
and her losses become my gains?"
Jealousy taunts her,
dangling the unattainable
and enticing her to believe
that destroying another's soul
will somehow soothe her own.
She yearns for rescue
from her tainted thoughts.
She's unaware that insecurities
led her to wallow in envy's arms,
and overlook the positive traits
that God bestowed her.
Upon cognizance of jealousy's
existence and the reasons
that she initially let it in,
she'll become empowered
and escape captivity.

20 Jul 16

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